Actor / Singer / Voiceover Artist

An inquisitive, collaborative actor-artist with a powerhouse belt, fighting for plus size representation  and embracing human absurdity!


I was born and raised in Hinesburg, Vermont, a tiny town 30 minutes outside of Burlington. Though my Vermont roots fostered a love for nature, Birkenstocks, and cheddar cheese, I was always eager to move to the city. Both my parents are classical violinists (yes, I play - a little!), so I grew up watching and listening to ballets, operas, concerts, and musicals, which kick-started my interest in performing. As a kid, my favorite activity was getting my mom to play my favorite piece on her violin (Tambourin by Grétry), and dancing around the living room for long as I could convince her to keep accompanying me! When I got older, my interest shifted to musical theatre, and eventually spread into plays, voiceover, cabaret, and writing.

In 2015, I moved to Philadelphia to study musical theatre at The University of the Arts. While attending UArts, I performed with various Philly theatre companies, cofounded a student cabaret company, Coffee Cup Cabaret, performed at five European Fringe Festivals in one summer, and wrote and produced my own solo show. After receiving my BFA in May 2019, I headed to Massachusetts to participate in the Williamstown Theatre Festival Apprentice Program, deciding to make New York my home after the festival.

During the pandemic, I've been taking virtual classes, working on remote projects including a radio play and a developmental workshop, writing, and exploring new hobbies. When not performing, I like to cook, ski, swim, eat pomegranates, pet my beautiful fluffy cat Charlotte, and lose track of time in thrift stores.


Abby Rose Morris aims to honor and celebrate life’s difficulties and joys by creating theatre that challenges, entertains, and amuses audiences. She brings intellect, endless curiosity, a playful attitude, and a sense of wonder to every performance and rehearsal room. Abby is also a versatile singer with 12 years of vocal training and the ability to sing in many styles, from high soprano to powerful belt.

As a plus size actor, Abby is particularly passionate about body diversity onstage and screen, and loves to analyze how theatre and media shape our biases. She created and performed a solo cabaret, More Than Tracy Turnblad, which explores the representation of fat characters in theatre and media. Abby strives toward empathy and understanding in her work, believing that sharing stories is a catalyst for change.



Headshots by Jessica Osber


The Trojan Women

More Than Tracy Turnblad

Sarah Flood in Salem Mass

Other Productions



Fat Girl Medley

Vocal Reel

"Spill It" - Comedy Scene


Equipment & Software:

- Rode NT1 microphone & AI-1 interface

- Adobe Audition

- Home studio with acoustic treatment

- Remote sessions available via Zoom, Skype, or SourceConnect

Conversational Millennial/Gen Z voiceover with a brainy twist.

As an actor, I've always been especially passionate about voice and text work, so voiceover was a natural pivot. I've trained in VO with Paul Liberti, Maggie Phillips, Jeffrey Dreisbach, and Bruce Kronenberg, making my commercial demo at Abacus Entertainment in NYC. My acting background enables me to bring a conversational realness to copy, as well as subtlety and nuance. 
I'm ready to go and available for remote bookings! I can deliver high-quality finished files within 48 hours, but can also provide overnight or same-day delivery if need be. Contact me here or send an email to




March 17, 2021

Featured in Buzzfeed!

Abby's podcast, More Than Tracy Turnblad, was featured in Buzzfeed. The podcast recently hit 5,000 downloads and 11k TikTok followers. Learn more at

pecking - A Vertjanova.jpeg

April 22, 2021

The Golden Cockerel

Abby recently lent her voice to Pushkin's The Golden Cockerel, a virtual theatre piece by Anastassia Vertjanova that premiered as part of Philly Theatre Week. 

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May 19, 2020

Saving Wonderland

Abby acted and sang in the world premiere radio production of Chad Gorn's new TYA musical Saving Wonderland, directed by Nadiya Atkinson. Abby voices the Dutchess, Queen Bee, and Seven of Diamonds.